Birthday & Anniversary

Published on 15 April 2023 at 17:00

The 8h of April this year was quite momentous for me, for I celebrated my 70th birthday and my husband John and I celebrated our  2nd wedding anniversary.


Unfortunately I am awaiting a hip operation and therefore all my plans for a party had to be cancelled. Strangely, John was unwell last year when I hosted his 60th birthday party! Therefore, the plan is that, after I have had the hip replacement and have recovered sufficiently, we shall have a 60 and 70 birthday bash! I shall be sure to take some lovely photos for you.


However, it was our anniversary that got me thinking, and it was these thoughts that I wish to share with you today.


From the first day that I met John I was amazed at how well we got on. He always makes me laugh, and he is the kindest, most caring person I know. More than once either he or myself have said something, only for the other to say “I was just going to say that! “

So, we are very in tune with each other, and we share our love for the same music. Also, he is immensely proud of my writing, so he definitely gets plenty of brownie points there!


Apart from presents, flowers and beautiful birthday and anniversary cards, John took me for a meal to a steakhouse, one that we had last been to on our 6th month anniversary of knowing each other. We had been immensely impressed on that first visit having ordered the 800g steak to share, when it was brought out on a platter and sliced and served to us. The particular thing that so impressed us was that the steak came to the table in one piece but was cooked half rare and half well done.


And isn’t that like all successful partnerships? That steak is the perfect example. John and I both like steak, which represents the things that are mutually enjoyable to us, our music, going out for tapas, going for a drive in our lovely sports car. The fact that it was cooked to two different levels, rare and medium represents the way that our differences are never a problem.

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