Writer’s block can happen anytime and to anyone

Published on 30 April 2023 at 15:33

This month my blog was to be about the beauty of mystery. I opened up a new page and wrote my first sentence, then I put that aside until the next day. When I opened it up again I wrote another sentence, then stared at the page. My mind was a complete blank, inspiration would not come, I could not write another word. So I put it aside again.


That was two days ago. That day I had something else to write, to do with our local elections here in Antas, Spain, and therefore you would think it might be more challenging as it had to be written in Spanish, but no! Within five minutes I had written a short speech that I am giving next week at a presentation.


So today I returned to my blog, and I opened up that page with the two sentences on it and thought, no, it just isn’t going to work. I had writer’s block!


I therefore decided to write about that instead! And the words seem to be flowing so that is alright!


Apparently it is quite common for authors to get writer’s block although it is not something I have suffered from. There have been times when I arrived at a part in the story where I am not totally sure where the next step or stage in the plot should be. I tend then to just get up and walk away, after saving my work of course! Over time, I will think about the story and inspiration comes, and I work out where and how the story will proceed, then I can’t wait to get back and continue with my writing.


This is very much like real life too. When you think there is a problem it is not the best time to try and sort it out when you are stressed. Wait until you can calmly think of your options and alternatives and hopefully, like in my writing, a solution will appear.

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