A Woman Scorned

Morgan/Morales Murder Mysteries series of books

This is a murder mystery novel based in the province of Almeria, Spain. Meeting two families who move from the UK, we follow how their lives intertwine, ending in tragedy. The reader is taken along a path which inexorably leads to one conclusion, but with a twist in the tale – is it the right conclusion?

The first in a series of murder mysteries, we meet the two crime fighters: Morgan, an ex-CID detective retired in Spain, and his friend Morales, an inspector in the Spanish police force.



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I thoroughly enjoyed this story, even more so because of the setting as described. It is only the second book I have ever read where, in my only enquiring fashion, I can physically follow the geographical markers and find myself in real places where I can imagine the dramas taking place.
I look forward to reading more novels by Christine Smith.


I purchased the Kindle version yesterday and finished it today. Christine has created a very good story and the fact it's set in Spain makes it even more enjoyable.
Hopefully there will be a second Morales/Morgan book. There is definitely a series here and I will be looking out for book 2. Well done Christine. You've a future and your fans are waiting.....


Great read I lived in the area for sometime so loved all the local references, sting in the tale at the end , read this book in two sittings can't wait for the next one in the series


Thoroughly enjoyable read set in an area that I know well ,which brings the characters and plot to life. I almost expect to meet Morales and Morgan in the local bar ! A very interesting plot written in an easy style that makes one feel a friend is recounting a tale. Looking forward to the follow on.!


Very enjoyable read, brought me back to a very happy few years that we spent in and around Mojacar. really interesting
storyline with several twists and turns, hard to put down and thoroughly engrossing. looking forward to your next book.


Really gripping...couldn't put it down! Great read