International Children’s Book Day

Published on 31 March 2023 at 08:00

Children are a treasure and as such must be nurtured and encouraged to learn.


From the very first time that a baby reaches out to touch their mother, their path in learning has begun. From then on, their inquisitiveness is boundless and everywhere around them there are new things to learn about.


A child’s first contact with books is usually when their parent reads to them, during the day cuddled up on their lap, or at night, when a goodnight story might be read.


From the very first book, which may not have a single word in it, may only have pictures, this is the start of another great adventure.  It is common for very young children to have a favourite book, even before they can read, which they require their parent to read out loud to them, but which they know every single word of by heart.


This adventure to be found in books is boundless and can transport you to the four corners of the world, beyond into space and outside our known world in fantasy. Books can take you into the past, or send you winging your way into the future.


As adults, we should be able to instill in our children the love for reading. The ability to read opens up a world of information and entertainment.

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