Christmas Preparations

Published on 17 December 2022 at 08:00

Normally my Christmas preparations start in September, when I prepare the Christmas cake and pudding. However, this year I decided to have a change, for various reasons. Christmas cake and pudding are great on Christmas Day, but as there is only John and I, we end up with a lot left over for the ensuing days, plus I also made my two-tier Wedding Cake this year, for the July celebration, so we have had a lot of rich fruit cake this year.


So, I hear you say, what am I going to make this year for Christmas dessert? I thought this year I would make a Yule log, a chocolate Swiss roll filled with fresh cream and topped with chocolate ganache. I will be sure to send you a picture of this when it is baked! Of course, there shall also be mince pies, another favourite Christmas treat of ours.


As I write this, we have started putting up the Christmas decorations, a large tree that is too tall for inside the house, so it stands on the front patio. We also have a small silver tree that this year is in the dining room.


Christmas cards have been posted to family in the U.K. and distributed amongst friends that live locally. John and I have also been wrapping and hiding presents, although I do have my main present already, my beautiful Ninja air-fryer. We decided that it could be very useful preparing the Christmas Day dinner, so therefore I received it early, to get used to using it.


I hope you are all prepared for the Christmas festivities but remember, if you still have presents to buy, my book “A Woman Scorned” is available now from the publishers Austin Macauley or from Amazon, I hear it makes a good present!


Merry Christmas!

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