Published on 30 November 2022 at 08:00

The year is almost over, and the New Year’s resolutions made in January this year are due to be completed in a month. How many of them have you already achieved? All or most of them I hope!

I remember saying to myself that I must get back to reading again. It is a certainty that whilst writing I cannot read so, it is at times like these when book 2 is finished and waiting for publication that I can review my resolution made in January this year, to read at least 12 books. How have I got on? I have read eleven and I am in November, so I would call that being right on track!

Which amazes me, for normally I am not one to make resolutions on a strict basis in January each year, and on those occasions that I have made them in the past I have rarely succeeded in completing them, or even reviewed my progress.


Often, resolutions are goals for self improvement and, while that is a laudable object, life has a way of butting in, and taking you on a different path. An instance of that is my intention to walk more, but in the summer, it is too hot, and then now, when it is cooler, my left hip is beginning to play up. See? Life gets in the way, or seems to, for me!

And also, we have to deal with many things out of our control. The world has taught us something in the last 2 years, and that is to become resilient. Thereby being able to manage unexpected situations or obstacles, learn from them and still achieve our goals.


Perhaps you set yourself resolutions and resolutely keep to them. Let me know if you do!

If, like me, come January 1st you may or may not set yourself some tasks and may not achieve them throughout the year. However, we all must ensure that we dont call it a failure when we do not keep resolutions, for I am sure we have all managed countless things in 2022 that we never thought we could!

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Lori (Rossi) Petersen
2 years ago

Resolutions come and go just like the passing of the years. Great to make them and follow through….or at least make your best effort💝mine have always been helpfulness and kindness at all times…. every year 💝