Wedding Memories

Published on 1 August 2022 at 08:00

July in Spain, what image does that usually conjure up? Sun, sand and sea? Yes, indeed it is a time for holidays. However, for people living in Spain it can be a time for air conditioning, cool drinks and dips in the pool.


This July was certainly very hot with temperatures reaching 41° but that is not what I shall be remembering about July 2022. This July was very special as John and I celebrated our wedding with family and friends. We actually married in April 2021, but under covid restrictions, so we delayed the celebration until family could travel from the UK and there were no restrictions re the number of people in a room, and with no masks.


Sunday July 17th we and nearly 40 guests gathered on a very hot evening in Cafeteria Leo’s with a buffet prepared by ourselves and a DJ playing to an empty room, as it was so hot most people sat outside! 


Even so, it was a magical evening, not least because my daughter, Sarah was there with my three grandchildren, the youngest of which I had not met before, my beautiful granddaughter Aria, of two and a half years, who became immediate friends with sweet little Gonzalo, the son of Pedro and Citlalli.

Pedro runs Cafetería Leo’s with his brother Diego and Citlalli, who with her business Libélula Marketing Digital, manages my online presence.

It was a wonderful evening and, although people were sat outside, we still managed to speak with all of them. I danced in the street, and had one dance with my daughter Sarah inside, in front of the DJ, we cancelled the “first dance” as it was too hot to do a slow dance in each others arms!


The only traditional part of the evening, as far as wedding celebrations go was, we did cut the cake. The wedding cake that I had baked three months before, and had fed with brandy every two weeks and had then covered with home made marzipan and then royal icing.


That evening will always have a special place in my memory. After months of planning and last minute fraught preparations, to be amongst loving family and special friends cannot be beaten and as John said, he feels that we are really properly married now, having had the wedding, then the honeymoon and finally the wedding celebration!

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