Grandparent's day

Published on 1 July 2022 at 16:31

I remember the day that I became a grandmother very distinctly. My daughter was about to have her first baby and the father suddenly got cold feet about being there with her, so very quickly I was gowned up and entered the delivery room. Sitting at the head of my daughter holding her hand, I witnessed the birth of my first beautiful grandchild, Eva.


That was 16 years ago and now Eva has just left school and is planning her future. My daughter’s  second child Adan I met when he was a small child when, before covid I visited the UK for Christmas. I mentioned in my May blog that, living in Spain I witness the grandchildren growing up from afar. My parents were very different, having my children to stay as often as possible. Sometimes I feel a little guilty about not being around to help my daughter, but I had a dream to follow.


Now, however, everything has changed because just over a year ago I married John, and although we had our honeymoon last year, we have waited until this year to have our wedding celebration, when travel is easier and masks are not required indoors.


So, this month our family and friends are travelling from the UK to celebrate with us. The very special thing about this, apart from seeing my children and Eva and Adan, my youngest grandchild Aria, who I have yet to meet, is coming as well.


However, that is not the most exciting thing! No really, you have to understand that my husband John had no children of his own, and since we married he acquired children and grandchildren, but Aria was born since we got together, so as far as she is concerned, he IS her grandfather. My daughter sent a little video of her recently saying  ‘See you soon Nanny and Granddad’, so sweet!

John has been really excited about meeting all the children and has been busy painting all the rooms in the house in readiness for their arrival. It is going to be a really magical time, with many hugs, and a few tears too, I expect.

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Sarah Smith
2 years ago

We all loved seeing/meeting you both and miss you lots, will be looking forward to next time, love you mum xxx