New beginnings

Published on 1 January 2022 at 08:00

Every new year is a new beginning, but very often it doesn’t really signify a change in your life. Also, new beginnings do not only happen on 1st January.

I have had many new beginnings throughout my life, as I am sure you have. Marrying and having children, changing jobs all signify major changes.

I think my move to Spain was a dramatic change, and a definite new beginning. It also led to me re-inventing myself! I remember the first morning sat at a table of a café terrace in the Plaza Mayor of Cáceres. I had sat at many tables drinking coffee on holidays, but this was different. This was the Plaza Mayor of the city nearest to the house I was going to buy to live in. The coffee was the best I had ever had, I sat there with a huge grin on my face!

The logistics of my move required me, being a very logical person, to record in a notebook anything to do with my intended move, potential places, estate agent’s details, and eventually deposits paid and when balances were due. There was also all the corresponding sale of items, my house and my business to be dealt with in the UK.

However, with every visit there were things of interest, places, fiestas, food, all that seemed worthy of noting down. The first change was happening, this diary turned into an autobiography! A writer was born!

That book “ A Tale of Two Villages” was and remains an e-book. A friend who read it had an idea for a novel, just a basic outline. I looked in horror! Fiction? Could I?

At first, I was very dubious but interested. I told him to send me the brief and I would see how I got on. I flew with it, amazed at my imagination! Eventually, I self published it on Kindle as an e-book, then in 2017 it was published as a paperback. 

However, being a little underwhelmed with the royalties I started looking around for a publishing company. The new beginning 2021 was that on 8th January “A Woman Scorned” was published by Austin Macauley.


So, you ask, what will be the new beginning 2022, the sequel of course! Yes book 2 is on its way !

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