When Plans go Awry

Published on 30 June 2024 at 14:41

My last blog was about plans and planning, so this time I thought I would talk about how I deal with plans that go awry!

It is good to plan but, of course it is only a plan, it is not set in stone, it is subject to change, delay or even cancellation, usually because something called life gets in the way! 

Last year we were due to go on holiday but, as I was awaiting a hip replacement, all the hotels were cancelled. This year we are going on that holiday, although we have made some amendments, but on 17th July we are off to Castilla La Mancha. We thought for a while that, once again, this holiday would have to be cancelled, due to John needing some medical treatment, but we have worked around it, and are determined to set off on that Wednesday, despite having a hospital appointment in the morning, we shall not be put off this time!

I was looking at the notes I wrote for myself, the plan I made for my writing once I was out of the contract with Austin Macaulay and I was amazed at how little I have managed to achieve. These plans have definitely gone awry!

It’s true the e-book is now published, but I told you that in my last blog, and the other matters of publishing on Apple Books and Barnes and Noble, they were not even on the list! It is true that one item, translating into Spanish is underway, and I plan to publish book 2 on my return from holiday.

Where the plan has gone completely awry though is that, by now, I should be back to writing book 3, but I am not. However, please do not worry, I have not got writers block (as in I don’t know what to write next, or how to extend the plot) no! I have writing block, I can’t seem to sit down and write when, a) we are still trying to get the paperback of A Woman Scorned just right b) I am still in edit stage of book 2 c) I want to go on this holiday and want nothing else to jinx it. 

John says I worry too much and get stressed too easily, but... that is me, and I don’t think I can change now. I hate it when things do not go to plan, but even with the best planning, everything does not go as smoothly as we would wish all the time.

I suppose we must just do our best, write the best plan we can and hope everything goes to plan. We know that it won’t though, will it, as life often sends us a curved ball.

How do you deal with that situation, are you a worrier like me, or do you just shrug your shoulders and move on?

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