Dealing with the Pandemic

Published on 1 April 2022 at 08:00

Through time, and living experiences, both positive and not so positive, we learn from them, and most important, we learn to get up after falling. Some of us don't learn at first, others do, but what’s really important, and we should all try, is to become more empathic, the world needs it today more than ever.

These weeks of rain, spending time at home i started to remember back 2 years from now.  My brother, who lives here in Spain, had his daughter and grandson to visit back in March 2020, and they were concerned about catching their plane back to the UK as a lockdown due to the Coronavirus was imminent. As it happened, they caught the last flight out, and reported that the airport was eerily quiet and almost empty. That was the start of a complete change to our day to day lives.

My husband and I actually enjoyed the lockdown as he was home instead of working, and so we made the most of it. I started by baking a different cake each week, starting with his favorite, the coffee cake then trying ones I had not made before, such as a velvet cake. For about 8 weeks of the lockdown we stayed at home and ate very well!

Apart from eating cakes we also enjoyed being able to go into the pool every day, once it was warm enough, and John had the time to do some maintenance around the house and some improvements to the poolside area.

The serious part of the pandemic though was looking daily at the figures and worrying about friends and family. The worst part of the figures was of course the death toll, and we dreaded looking, but needed to know, the figures in the UK, in Spain and in our local area.

We planned to marry, and of course the pandemic affected those plans drastically, but eventually a date was set, and I spent my time making our special wedding masks and buttonholes. Now, a year later I think back with fond memories of that day. A very quiet wedding, with only the two witnesses allowed. However, as one of those witnesses was a friend of the mayor, who was officiating the wedding, our two photographers, brother and sister of our witness, were also allowed in. As they say, it's not what you know, but who you know!

John returned to work, and I worried about his safety. He always wore his mask but told me he constantly had to tell customers to put theirs on. Inevitably, he contracted covid and then gave it to me. However, as we were both triple vaccinated, it seemed hardly more than a bad cold, thankfully.

And now, as we start to return to some sort of normality, after two years of living with covid, I am glad to say all my family and dear friends have come through safely. In the end that is all that matters, that our loved ones remain safe and healthy.

In the end we should not take life for granted, nor the people around us. This month, we will celebrate the World Health Day, it is a perfect moment to recognize the work that all health professionals have done during this pandemic. I recognize and applaud your work and efforts, because thanks to you, and to the scientists who work daily to develop medicines and vaccines to save lives, for some of us, coronavirus was just a bad cold. Thank you scientist, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and all who dedicate their life to take care of us.

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