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Published on 21 January 2021 at 23:53

So did it come to this ?? A website, and now I have to write a blog! This is getting serious!! 

Well, thanks to Austin Macauley Publishers I now have a book being distributed by a mainstream publisher, and I am very grateful for their time and effort. 

They say that it costs some authors blood, sweat and tears to produce a book, can't say it was like that for me, but I did drink copious cups  of coffee and the odd glass of wine!

Now here we are with the first in the Morgan/Morales Murder Mysteries in print (and e-book), the second one being proof-read and...yes! the third is already being written. I also have ideas  for the fourth and fifth too,  At least with these Covid-19 restrictions I have no excuse for not slaving away at my laptop. Stay safe and well!


It is wonderful to see reviews on the publisher's website (Austin Macauley) or on sites where the book is sold, Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith etc. but it is really wonderful to receive a personal message from someone saying, "just finished reading your book ("A Woman Scorned") and it was a brilliant read" and "once I had started it was hard to leave because I wanted to know what happened next". These wonderful words make all the blood, sweat and tears worth it!!

Keeping busy

Many people who have read my book “A Woman Scorned”, the first in the Morgan/Morales series, whether they read it a few years ago when I self-published or from the recent Austin Macauley publication, have been asking me when the second book is coming out. Well, I have not been lazy, I promise. The second book is finished and, yes, it has a title “A Tangled Web”. I am currently reading it, re-reading it, editing it, tweaking it and improving it! So, when will it be published? Well, if “A Woman Scorned sells well I am sure Austin Macauley will be knocking on my door begging me to let them publish it (in my dreams ha-ha). It will be published, a date has not yet been set, but I promise to let you know as soon as I do. Meanwhile, book three is under construction, and yes, that one has a title too, “Deadlier Than the Male”. So, you can see I am working hard, keep visiting my blog for more updates. Stay happy, safe and well.

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