Romería to El Puntal

Published on 30 July 2023 at 08:00

It was yet another fiesta last weekend but, this time, it was in our local village. The feria de Aljariz y La Huerta, in honour of the Virgen de la Huerta, our local patron saint.


As I am still waiting for my hip operation I did not go to the celebrations on the Friday and Saturday, but saved myself for Sunday. On Sunday there was to be a romería, which basically is a procession in which the statue of the saint is transferred from the town, usually up to an ermita, a hermitage. Our picnic area above the village of Aljariz does not have an ermita, so the statue is pulled by a tractor up to the area, and then brought back down again later.


This year was the first year we had taken part in the romería and for a special reason. One of the highlights of the Aljariz y La Huerta romería is a vintage car rally, which John and I entered with our Fiat Barchetta.


We gathered at about 11am, where we signed in, received our t-shirts and hats and the sticker for the car. Bottles of water were handed out as well, as it was a very hot day. 


After a while it was time for us to get in our cars and drive off. Firstly, we headed for Antas then took a big circuitous route through some local towns. When we were approaching Antas again, we stopped for refreshments. In no time umbrellas were put up for shade and cans of coke, Fanta and beer were handed out.


Then it was time for us to get in the cars again and proceed up to El Puntal picnic area. Arriving at the site, we all honked our horns to let everyone know we were arriving.


A table had been allocated for us rally drivers, and within no time more beers, cokes and Fanta were handed out, and in fact all the people attending the romería had free drinks. We were alerted that the grilled sardines were now ready, provided for free by a local fishmonger and soon after that the paella was also ready. 


Although we were the only English in the rally, some of the Spaniards I had met in the mayor’s campaign were also drivers, but everyone was friendly. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and we look forward to entering the rally again next year.

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