The Mayor’s Inauguration

Published on 30 June 2023 at 18:12

In my previous blog regarding the local elections, I said that the count took place on the evening of voting day. Of course, once the mayor was voted back in the official inauguration had to take place. This was held nearly three weeks later, on Saturday 17th June.


Normally John, my husband, works on a Saturday but, for this weekend he swapped and worked on Sunday instead. The investiture was at midday, but I was told to get there early as the room where the ceremony was held would quickly fill. John dropped me off as close as he could get to by car, and I walked to the Ayuntamiento, the town hall. Squeezing past people who were trying to get up the stairs, I sneaked into the office where I knew there was a lift! Always used by me, as stairs are difficult with my arthritic hip.


All the seats were full, but I managed to find somewhere to stand at the back. Sitting at the table was the official, the mayor and his seven councillors plus the three councillors from the opposing party. Eventually everyone was formally elected in and the mayor received his stave of office and the eleven councillors received their medallions. The mayor made a wonderful speech likening his job to that of a Formula 1 racing driver, the centre of attention, but who is nothing without a great car, the mechanics, the engineers and the strategists all behind the scenes, thereby giving thanks to all his team.


The day was completed with some seventy people joining him at a nearby restaurant for lunch, and a drink or two ! Unfortunately we could not attend the lunch as John was unwell and he was concerned that he was spoiling my day. I assured him that his health was more important than a lunch, and that we would hardly be missed with seventy odd people there.  I was wrong, and really astounded at how many people either asked why we weren’t there, or how was John, including the mayor who was very concerned. I was truly touched by everyone’s kindness and caring.


So now our great mayor, our wonderful team and our lovely town can look forward to a happy and mutually beneficial four years together.

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