The Local Elections

Published on 31 May 2023 at 08:00

I was quite surprised a few months ago when the mayor asked me if I would help him with the upcoming election campaign. He wanted an English-speaking member in his team to ensure that the ex-pat residents of Antas knew they meant as much to him as any Spaniard. I readily agreed and felt very honoured to have been asked. Our mayor Pedro had done such a great job for the town I live in over the past four years I was more than happy to do as much as possible to help him be voted back in.


Within a short time, I was involved in meetings to decide on our campaign slogan and to discuss which topics we wished to concentrate on and include in the pamphlet. I speak fairly good Spanish but, when a dozen Spaniards all start speaking at once I admit sometimes, I found it challenging! However, very soon I made friends with the other team members and someone would ensure I knew exactly what was going on. 


Very soon time was passing and we had the campaign presentation. I had to stand up in a large auditorium and give a speech, in Spanish, in front of about 450 people! Quite daunting but very exciting. Since that day Spanish people have been coming up and wishing me luck in the campaign! I was really part of the team!


From then on it was full steam ahead, visiting the outlying villages and stepping in and translating when a British person wanted to ask the mayor about all sorts of matters that concerned them. I was however very happy to feel the support for the mayor.


Then last Friday was the final presentation before the vote on Sunday. On the morning of the vote I went around the houses of the British in my village and the one where we were to vote, encouraging them to get out and vote, preferably for Pedro! I also messaged those who lived in other villages. My dear husband was ferrying me here and there and I told him I was so grateful; his reply was that he was so proud of me! 


John had to work for a few hours Sunday, but would be back at 9.30. He quickly changed and we dashed to Antas and went into the building where the count was being done, and would be finalised by about 10pm. We were on tenterhooks!


The result was declared! Pedro had won, with nearly three quarters of the vote! So here’s to another wonderful four years for Antas! 

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