Andalusia Day

Published on 3 March 2023 at 18:00

So, Tuesday 28th February was Día de Andalucía, the special day for the region that stretches right across the south of Spain, the region that includes the Province of Almería, which is where I live.


It is a tradition to have migas on this day, a dish that literally translates to crumbs! However, whereas in other provinces the dish does start with stale bread crumbs, in Almería it is traditional to make them from wheat flour or semolina, fried with garlic, then loosened with water. Then depending where in the province, you find the dish it may be topped with a sardine on the coast or a pepper and some chorizo inland.


This year our mayor decided to combine Día de Andalucía with the Día de la Naranja, day of the orange. Oranges are the biggest crop grown locally, and much of it is transported by the many transport companies in our town of Antas.


So, this year there was a competition for the best migas dish prepared in our town square, which was full of tables with burners and women stirring their dishes. In addition, there was a competition for the best cake made from oranges, which provided a dessert after the migas.


However, the mayor went one step further in order to include us extranjeros, foreigners. He asked me to organise for us to provide typical British cakes, which was a lovely idea. So, amongst the amazing array of orange cakes with different designs, there were also British cakes like chocolate fudge, Victoria sponge and lemon drizzle.


Local producers of oranges and mandarins also donated boxes and boxes of the fruit for us to take and enjoy, and there was a stall selling locally produced wine.


The local square was full of people enjoying either the food produced for the competitions, or they had their own  “picnic” tables, frying their own migas and enjoying their own cakes.


Whichever way they decided to spend their day, a wonderful time was had by all.

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