My method of writing

Published on 15 October 2022 at 09:00

People often ask me about the way I write, and sometimes they are talking about whether I have a regular routine, sitting down at my desk for so many hours per day etc.

Sometimes though they are asking about my style of writing, and I thought I would talk about that to you today.


The genre that I write in is murder mystery, but I never jump in with the murder on page one. I think this is because, except for the two main characters Morgan and Morales, each story stands on its own. You may be thinking that there is only one novel A Woman Scorned”, but the second novel in the series is written and ready to publish, and I have written about a third of the third one!


So, getting back to how I form a story, I like to think that I introduce the characters who are in this particular story in a fully rounded way, so that they have a past, a part to play in the story, though one of them may not have a future!


In the first book I also introduced Morgan and Morales, and as the series progresses their characters and relationships with each other and other characters is developed. 


My aim is to create a story that is enjoyable to read, as well as writing about  a  murder or death that occurs, and that the reader is carried along fully immersed, wondering what is going to happen next, but enjoying the read as well.


After all, reading is supposed to make the reader’s imagination fly, make them feel the story, live through the characters, and if the author succeeds, they win a place in the reader’s hearts.

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